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NCSSAA - National Capital Secondary School Athletics Association

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Games for Feb 19 – 25, 2017


Junior Boys Basketball (Tier 1)

  • Woodroffe at St. Peter
  • St. Francis Xavier at John.McCrae
  • West Carleton at Louis Riel
  • Glebe at Franco-Ouest

Junior Boys Basketball (Tier 2)

  • Merivale at St. Pius
  • Franco-Cite at Mer-Bleue
  • Samuel-Genest at Cairine Wilson
  • Gisele-Lalonde at Ridgemont

Senior Boys Basketball (OFSAA)

  • Woodroffe at Ashbury
  • Immaculata at A.Y. Jackson
  • St. Patrick's at Longfields DHSS
  • Franco-Ouest at Sir Wilfrid Laurier
  • TBD at TBD
  • TBD at TBD
  • Louis-Riel at Notre Dame

Senior Boys Basketball (Tier 1)

  • Bell at All Saints
  • Sir Robert Borden at Beatrice-Desloges

Senior Boys Basketball (Tier 2)

  • Garneau at Samuel-Genest
  • Cairine Wilson at St. Pius


Curling (Girls)

  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier at Osgoode
  • Longfields DHSS at Sir Robert Borden
  • South Carleton at Immaculata
  • Franco-Ouest at St. Joseph
  • Cairine Wilson at Earl of March
  • TBD at TBD
  • TBD at TBD
  • TBD at TBD
  • TBD at Canterbury

Curling (Boys)

  • Sacred Heart at Sir Robert Borden
  • John McCrae at Longfields DHSS
  • South Carleton at Bell
  • Ashbury at Immaculata
  • Canterbury at St. Joseph
  • TBD at TBD


Boys Contact Hockey (OFSAA)

  • St. Peter at Nepean
  • Holy Trinity at St. Joseph
  • Sacred Heart at Mother Teresa
  • Holy Trinity at Nepean

Boys Contact Hockey (Tier 2)

  • Cairine Wilson at Colonel By
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier at South Carleton

Girls Hockey (OFSAA)

  • Beatrice-Desloges at St. Joseph
  • Glebe at Longfields DHSS
  • St. Mark at Osgoode
  • Nepean at Glebe
  • St. Joseph at St. Mark
  • Longfields DHSS at Sacred Heart

Girls Hockey (Tier 1)

  • John McCrae at Bell
  • Mother Teresa at St. Pius

Girls Hockey (Tier 2)

  • St. Peter at St. Paul
  • Gisele Lalonde at Holy Trinity
  • Woodroffe at Garneau
  • Lisgar at St. Matthew


Junior Girls Volleyball (Tier 1)

  • Ashbury at Franco-Cite
  • A.Y. Jackson at West Carleton
  • Glebe at Nepean
  • Earl of March at South Carleton
  • Longfields DHSS at Merivale
  • Colonel By at Louis-Riel
  • De La Salle at Sir Wilfrid Laurier
  • Lisgar at Garneau
  • Pierre-Savard at John McCrae
  • Beatrice-Desloges at St. Peter

Junior Girls Volleyball (Tier 2)

  • Lester B. Pearson at Canterbury
  • Cairine Wilson at Gisele-Lalonde
  • Hillcrest at Rideau
  • Mer Bleue at Osgoode
  • St. Matthew at Elmwood
  • Immaculata at St. Francis Xavier
  • Bell at All Saints
  • Woodroffe at Holy Trinity
  • St. Patrick's at Omer-Deslauriers
  • Franco-Ouest at Sir Robert Borden
  • Brookfield at Redeemer Christian
  • St. Matthew at Hillcrest
  • Lester B. Pearson at Gloucester
  • Lycee Claudel at Notre Dame
  • Paul-Desmarais at St. Joseph
  • Gisele-Lalonde at Mer Bleue
  • Canterbury at Rideau
  • Mother Teresa at Sacred Heart
  • Elmwood at Osgoode

Senior Girls Volleyball (OFSAA)

  • Franco-Ouest at Glebe
  • Pierre-Savard at Franco-Cite
  • De La Salle at Beatrice-Desloges
  • TBD at TBD
  • TBD at Samuel-Genest
  • Maurice-Lapointe at Louis-Riel

Senior Girls Volleyball (Tier 1)

  • Cairine Wilson at Nepean
  • Sir Robert Borden at Longfields DHSS
  • Lisgar at Bell
  • All Saints at St. Joseph
  • TBD at TBD
  • TBD at TBD

Senior Girls Volleyball (Tier 2)

  • Woodroffe at Gloucester
  • Brookfield at Holy Trinity
  • Lester B. Pearson at Merivale
  • Earl of March at St. Patrick's
  • TBD at TBD
  • TBD at TBD

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